Master the Art and Science of Infusion Cooking

Right From Your Own Kitchen

Chef Sky

Sky Keith

Hi, I'm Sky, a cookbook author, infusion instructor, food photographer, and culinary connoisseur, cooking from my Colorado kitchen.

I am the author of unique video courses that visually guide you through the basics of infusions used to create healthy, flavorful, quick and easy infused dishes. No need to buy any infusion machines, you have everything needed right in your own kitchen. My step by step courses are the easiest way to master infusion cooking that will build confidence and creativity in your everyday meals. My  infusions are fun and creative made from your own kitchen and easy to master the art and science of infusion cooking.

My education is in public health, commercial art and communications technology. I have a bachelor and two associate degrees in these fields. I started cooking as a Boy Scout on a campfire in the wilds of Colorado, and now I am creating amazing dishes in my own kitchen. Creating healthy, quick and easy infusion recipes that enhance your life. My experience includes successfully infusing butter, oils, honey, alcohol, milks, creams and sugars with healthy, cannabis and hemp infusions made in my own kitchen.

I am excited and happy to share my knowledge of infusion cooking with you. Join my infusion courses and take an elevated culinary journey into infusion cooking. Welcome to the Family.